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Below are some of the local groups who share the mission of ARM and are great resources to connect with in the field of waste reduction and recycling.

Minnesota Composting Council (MNCC)

The MNCC is the MN State Chapter of the United States Composting Council. There work centers on development, expansion, and promotion of the composting industry using sound science, principles of sustainability, and economic viability. 

Recycling Association of Minnesota (RAM)

RAM is a non-partisan professional and public education organization. Members from both the public and private sector collaborate on educational and networking opportunities to improve and promote recycling in Minnesota.

Reuse Minnesota

Reuse Minnesota is a group that works to build partnerships and support reuse practitioners through education, promotion, and advocacy.

Recycling Education Committee (REC)

REC is a group of stakeholders that meets quarterly with the goal of increasing recycling and reducing recycling contamination by building consensus around recycling education and communication. 

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